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Wolves of Tomorrow

David Kahn’s second summer as the Minnesota Timberwolves’ general manager should prove to be - yet again – an eventful summer for most Wolves’ fans. Last summer we witnessed a tornado of change: we watched the departure of draft bust Randy Foye and the hesitant Mike Miller in exchange for the 5th overall pick. The Wolves' roster was completely revamped. Only five players remained from the previous season. David Kahn had finally brought something that had been missing in Minnesota for quite some time – intrigue! For the first time in my life, an NBA Draft captivated me. During last year’s draft, I found myself screaming at the television with joy as each team continued to pass on the basketball prodigy, Ricky Rubio, until he fell into our hands; and now it seemed the Wolves had their franchise player.

This would become the era of Kahn and the dying days of Kevin McHale’s regime in Minnesota. David Kahn then followed up his 5th overall selection with a puzzling decision…Jonny Flynn. Oh no! Did we happen to hire Kevin McHale the II? I was in shock! How could we of passed up on the possible tandem of Stephen Curry and Ricky Rubio? I didn't understand; but Kahn did, and he was ridiculed by the "Nay-Sayers." People questioned whether or not this media-made-man knew how to run a basketball team. Puzzling as it may have been; it seemingly does make sense. There didn’t seem to be much of an indicator that Rubio would have been able to come play in Minnesota, even if we didn’t have Flynn; so taking him seemed to be more of a matter of insurance than anything, and David Kahn absolutely loves Jonny Flynn (he does seem like a class act – very charismatic). Flynn has now proven that he can play and should only improve as he gets use to the triangle offense and being a true point guard. David Kahn had erased almost everything that McHale had done. Kahn brought in Kurt Rambis as the head coach of the new age Twolves, and names like Bill Lambieer and Reggie Theus to back him up – all big names who could bring some more intrigue to Minnesota.

With the off-season drawing closer and closer, Minnesota will have all the right ingredients for another exciting summer. Minnesota can attempt to trade Rubio if the right offer comes around – or they can just sit and wait while they hope his value continues to flourish in Europe (Rubio winning the upcoming star award, and a championship, has already increased his value). I believe in Kahn and can only hope he’s right about Rubio being worth the wait. It seems evident that Rubio won’t join us this season, so they should stick with Flynn until Rubio comes to Minnesota. Rubio isn’t the only player of value on Minnesota. It’s rumored and very possible that Jefferson or Kevin Love will be traded by draft night. David Kahn believes that Evan Turner has the potential to be a franchise player – he is often compared to Brandon Roy – and Kahn does not want Minnesota fans to miss out on another Brandon Roy. Kahn he is more than likely willing to part with Jefferson or Love to move up and nab him; also worth mentioning is the fact that Minnesota has three first round picks, and Kahn himself has big doubts that they will keep all of those draft picks.

Minnesota will have plenty of options and a lot of cap space; they need to continue to build attention so they can hopefully get someone out of the upcoming free agency. That attention and buzz is one essential aspect that Kahn has brought to Minnesota. Kahn needs to worry about selling tickets and gathering more intrigue around the Wolves – something that has been non-existent for quite some time in T-wolf territory. Minnesota fans must remain hopeful and positive and just believe that Kahn has the right blueprint to rebuild this franchise and get back to the playoffs – one step at a time. Once again, I cannot wait for this year’s draft.

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  1. Who spiked Elton Brand's Kool-Aid and why is Kevin Love holding a bottle of cyanide?