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This Suburban Minnesota Timberwolves Fan’s Biggest Disappointment

The following was written before the trade of Corey Brewer. Good Luck Corey we hardly new you...

I have paid attention. Before McHale, I watched Todd Murphy, Tyrone Corbin, Stoyko Vrankovic, Tony Campbell, Pooh Richardson, Sam Mitchell (the first time) and Bill Musselman. Back then, they played hard but lost.

Through it all I have been an avid Twolves fan. McHale almost lost me…almost. I couldn’t stand watching Ricky Davis. Through everything I still call myself a Twolves fan. In public, I admit to it. I am unashamed, but not too bright, I suppose. My wife calls my cell phone my Twolves diary. I read the blogs and articles religiously. She finds it funny and makes constant snarky comments about the team and the state of the franchise in general. (She continually asks me if Darko is playing angry.) I endure this because of my hope to see a championship basketball team in Minnesota.

That being said, my biggest disappointment this year has been Martell Webster. Great Shooter, they said. Good defender, they said. Who are they, you ask? Henry Lake and Corey Cove draft host at KFAN. Here are the pluses as I see them. 1. Webster is tall. 2. His 3 point shot percentage. (It is 38.4 percent.)
However, his average of 24.5 minutes per game and 10.7 points seems both a little high and a little low respectively. If the game is 48 minutes long Martell is playing half of it. In my opinion he should be doing better than that; especially if he is a good shooter. Kevin Love’s average is 21.1 points per game and 15.5 rebounds. He may not be a perfect player but he does well in these two areas. He plays 9 minutes more than Martell does, but he is also an all-star.
I was hoping for high point totals and defense from Martell Webster. These two accomplishments would make him a multidimensional player. Instead I got a player who needed back surgery, as well as a player content to be a 6th man. That isn’t what I thought we were getting.

Corey Brewer currently starts for the Twolves and he is a classic one dimensional player. Brewer plays defense. He plays it hard. I had thought Martell would be multi-dimensional. I thought he was a scorer and a defender. Let us quickly compare Brewer to Webster. Brewer’s minutes per game are 24.3 this is slightly less than Martell’s 24.5 minutes. Brewer’s points are 8.6 per game and Brewer has a field goal percentage of 38.4. These are both worse than Webster’s field goal percentage and points. Webster’s field goal percentage is 43.1 and his points are 10.7 per game.

Webster’s overall point total per game is only 2.1 points better than Brewer’s in almost the same amount of time. If Webster is a good scorer/shooter he should be scoring much more than Brewer in the same amount of time. This is not the case. He is a mere 4.7% better than Brewer in the field goal percentage category. It does make Webster the better scorer and shot selector, but is this margin really good enough for what I thought I was getting with this trade as a fan? I think the answer is no.

I thought we were getting a veteran that was supposed to make the Twolves better for two reasons scoring and defense. So far, this season Webster has scored a little more than Cory Brewer and has played worse defense than Brewer. The Twolves got a player, in Webster, which is a clone of Brewer: a tall player that does one thing well. And, I think it hurts them the most in the win column...

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't agree more. Going into the season Webster was going to be the difference maker instead of Beasley. Webster has been just horrible this year. I believe his health is to blame for that. The only positive has been that Ellington looks like he can be a good guard off the bench...

    PS Darko needs to be benched. He is a stiff. I like Pek and Randolph much more than Darko