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Fire Rambis?

No idea where CBS sports line is getting this rumor. The Minnesota media doesn’t feel this is the case. I believe that this would make the Timberwolves look even more absurd. I think firing Rambis before his contract is up is irrational and premature. He has one year left on his contract and the Wolves knew the state of their team going in. The wolves were not suppose to win this year. They were supposed to lose.

They are supposed to win next year. After Beasley, Millicic, Johnson and Love had a year to get better and learn their roles on the team. I think if you fire Rambis now they would be setting the growth and the progress this team has made back even further.

I think it is unfair to judge Rambis on this season. A season in which he has had injured players such as Jonny Flynn, Michael Beasley, and Martell Webster absent for much of the season. Flynn is just now starting to look more comfortable after hip surgery. Michael Beasley is learning a new position and has had a sprained ankle for most of the season. Martell Webster may never be the same after back surgery.

Kevin Love has been quoted saying Rambis has made him better and that they have a close relationship. The national media has continued to print stories that may not be true. This story about friction between Kevin Love and Kurt Rambis can be filed with the report that Al Jefferson and Kevin Love didn’t get along. Right in the old circular file.

I believe Rambis has done a good job with this team. He has incorporated a rookie into his starting lineup and Wesley Johnson looks to be a fantastic player. He has been patient through a rather difficult and injury riddled year for Flynn and Webster and has handled the immaturity of Beasley, Love and Millicic effectively.

I don’t believe Rambis’ job is in jeopardy this season. I think the story that started this is exactly what it appears to be: Fluff from someone who doesn’t know the situation. If they win tonight they will be on a 3 game win streak. If Darko continues to play basketball like it is soccer; they will lose this game. However, even with that, I believe we are looking at good things next year. And yes, Rambis will be at the helm.

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