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How do you tell when a team has turned the corner?

I remember when the Twolves drafted Kevin Garnett. This was the 1995-1996 season. Garnett played sporadically but everyone could tell he was going to be amazing. This was the year things got better: the year before the playoff year. We had the addition by subtraction of Christian Laettner, and Isaiah Rider. As well as trading Donyell Marshall for Tom Googlitta. (Shout out to Kevin Harlan here: “Goooggaliougally BABY!”)

Stephon Marbury was added the next year in 1996-97. He came through a draft day trade. The 1996-97 team went on to make the playoffs it had turned the corner and the future was blinding…

Fast forward to present day; McHale whether it was his fault or not couldn’t keep that squad together. Googliotta and Marbury went elsewhere but without Garnett never achieved the ring. The Wolves while promising and at times exquisite never achieved that prize either.

The last couple of games the Twolves have played have been victories. Blow out victories by 20 points or more. I believe this shows us the heartbeat of a winner. If we compare this season to the 1995-96 season I think many parallels can be drawn.

This year’s wolves have a couple of blossoming superstars: Kevin Love and Michael Beasley.

The wolves have added by subtracting McHale and his ideas, work ethic and corrected his abysmal managing of the salary cap. They kept the one good player he maneuvered to get.

They brought Michael Beasley in for a song. As well as adding young and multidimensional players such as Wesley Johnson, Anthony Randolph, Jonny Flynn and Darko Millicic.

Let us not forget that Ricky Rubio is waiting in Spain for time to pass; I believe Rubio has the potential for Stephon Marbury like impact on this squad, I believe with the addition of this player the Timberwolves could turn itself into a playoff team.

Are two victories over the Indiana Pacers and a crippled Utah Jazz team by more than 20 points enough to say that the wolves are a team on the rise? No it is not.

Do they deserve credit for kicking the crap out of one team they should beat and another team while in disarray is still in the playoff hunt? That answer to that question is: ABSOULTELY.

As to the question: Have the wolves turned a corner? I think tonight’s game at 8 against Golden State will be more telling than any answer I can give in this blog. However, I am hopeful that next season brings many good things to the basketball fans of Minnesota.

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