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Timberwolves latest moves…

The way the Wolves look now after the Brewer trade…I like the way they look. It appears that the Timberwolves have made a trade for a multidimensional player. Like Kevin Love and Michael Beasley. I think there is no doubt that these two players are Minnesota’s best. It appears they got another player like these two that can do more than one thing on the court.

Regardless if you like the current trade or are frustrated at not getting that “signature” move at the trade deadline. I think you can see Anthony Randolph can do a lot of things on the court. I think you can see he is instantly better than Pekovic as well as better than Kosta Koufos another guy involved in the trade. The real question is…Is he better than Darko? I have to say I like Randolph’s defense, I like his energy. I like the way Flynn played after seeing the 6’11’’ player go dribbling up the court. Randolph was basically doing Flynn’s job. I like seeing the effort from Luke Ridnour after Johnny Flynn showed one game of playing better.

I understand it has only been 3 games. However, I really feel this move was a good one. It appears they got another young multidimensional player that can possibly push two possibly 3 players. I don’t think Randolph is a good shooter. It appears he isn’t going to be a scoring in bunches type of guy in connection to Beasley, but he can play defense and is taller. He might not be as good a passer as Darko, but you get more athletic and more defense and yes less stupid fouls. The third possible player would be Kevin Love. Better defense, better athleticism I don’t think we should pull Kevin Love for the new guy, but I do think that this player might cause Kevin to pick up his defense a little. Although, I am not sure anyone on the Timberwolves can match Mr. Love’s efficiency.

I prefer watching Randolph to watching Darko or Pek. Even though, he is starting behind Pek at this point, I can’t imagine this player wouldn’t be in the running for a starting spot next year. Especially since Mr. Rubio is coming. (And, I gotta believe he is coming.) I like the fact that Randolph can get off the floor and into the air quickly. I like seeing alley oops! I really like seeing defense!
I think although the fan base maybe frustrated. I can say I like watching this team more now than I did when Ricky Davis was on the team; more so than when Al Jefferson was on the team; more so than when they had Cory Brewer and Kosta Koufous. I think the Wolves are moving forward.

And, I can’t wait for Ruuuuubbbbbbbiiiiiioooooo, Ruuuuuubbbbbiiiiiio, Ruuuuuuuuuuuubiiiiiiiiiiooooooo!

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